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Dominoqq: A Bird’s Eye View

Posted under Casino by admin on January 25, 2019 3:42 am ||

Online gambling or we can say internet gambling basically refers to gambling activities like placing bets on various sports events like cricket tournaments, football leagues etc. and also includes poker, bingo and so on just to name a few, all being conducted over the internet in cyberspace. It has a very long history as the first online casino came into picture way back in 1994. Over the past decade, dominoqq has grown tremendously across the globe.

Many countries have recognised the importance of regulating such activities and have taken the necessary steps and also got benefited in turn. Some have taken a clear stance on their legal validity like few countries of EU, the Caribbean have legalised such activities and in some countries, there is no clarity relating to their legality and this gave birth to conflicts and controversies.

Legality in India

If we talk about the legality of online gambling in our country, well according to the Public Gambling Act 1867, all kinds of gambling are illegal in India. But unlike other developed countries, India doesn’t have any specific law dedicated to or which spells out the legal validity of online gambling. On the other hand, Sikkim has its own law relating to online gambling which outlines the rules and regulations relating to its licencing. An online gambling law is the need of the hour as with the plunge in the digital divide and inclusion of more and more people into the digital economy we have seen an exorbitant growth in gambling activities over the internet. Moreover, if people indulge in gambling and betting on websites hosted abroad then it becomes difficult to enforce the current laws in such a situation as it might happen that online gambling is legal in that country and apart from this with a proper law in place the government can reap following benefits:

  • It can ensure the protection of consumers and their privacy.
  • It can act as an attractive source for generating tax revenues which will help to reducethe fiscal deficit.
  • Keeping gambling crime free.

The overall regulation model must comprise norms relating to licencing, anti-money laundering measures, a viable taxation system and must be aimed at maintaining the integrity of sports.

Judi Domino

Critical Appraisal

We talked about its meaning, evolution and legality but does it stand on moral and ethical grounds? Is it good for society? Well if we see around it is becoming prominent not only in our country but around the globe and has made a place of its own. There are a lot of games and of different types available, all you need is access to the internet. Apart from acting as a source of entertainment, dominoqq also allows you to earn money at the same time. It enhances one’s gaming quotient as an individual competes with others to make money and thereby making them mentally active and sharpens their mind.

But it has many harmful effects too as there are high odds in favour of the fact that this interest will become an addiction and may deteriorate lives of people and especially children as they might devote more time in such activities and the greed of people to earn and make a fortune can instead make them bankrupt.

So, whether it is good or bad depends upon the fact that to what extent an individual gets involved in it.

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